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NEWS: As of July 2, 2007 AHA! version 3.0 is finally released. There will possibly be bug fixes in the future, but the functionality is frozen as of now.
Please download aha-3.0.zip from here. The distribution contains the (open) source code and the tutorial.

To learn more about AHA! 3.0 please visit the AHA! tutorial.

After installing AHA! 3.0 it is a good idea to try the tutorial on your own server to verify everything is working properly. The tutorial is "installed" in the AHA! 3.0 distribution, using the XML database representation (not the mySQL representation).

The AHA! project, which stands for "Adaptive Hypermedia for All" builds on the Open Source AHA! system (the Adaptive Hypermedia Architecture), being developed a the Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Database and Hypermedia group headed by prof. dr. Paul De Bra.

This website contains several sources of information on AHA! (both the project and the system):

Key features of AHA! (all present in the released AHA! 3.0).

Recent changes:
AHA! 3.0 p4: fixed null error when displaying an abstract concept.
AHA! 3.0 p3: fixed mySQL support for latest mySQL version (as of October 1, 2007) and fixed memory leaks related to mySQL.
AHA! 3.0 p2: fixed the way in which a piece of Javascript is included in the top-level frameset, and made the document type of that frameset text/html so that webservers do not use their default.
AHA! 3.0 p1: fixed a bug in the Graph Author that occasionally generated wrong numbers when counting the number of children of a concept.

Please direct any questions, suggestions or comments to Paul De Bra at